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Sports Injuries

Sport Injuries West Linn - Image Physical activity is integral to a healthy lifestyle. For many people, physical activity combines with social interaction in some type of sport. From regular exercise or participation in a sport come numerous benefits. At the same time, there is the potential for injury. Risk, of course, does not supersede the advantages of physical activity. Should you sustain a sports injury at the gym, on the field, on the court, or on the mat, Dr. Tyler Emmert of Foundation Chiropractic Clinic can provide expert care aimed at restoring mobility and comfort.

Several different types of injuries may stem from a sporting incident. Some of the most vulnerable areas include the knees, elbows, shoulders, ankles, and the spine. In the majority of cases, it is not the joints that are injured but the soft tissues that surround them. This is good news! Your chiropractor has solutions for soft tissue injuries that can reduce pain and promote healing so you can get back in the game sooner rather than later.

Sprains and strains

The structures that are at the greatest risk of injury are muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Ligaments are the fibrous bands that secure bones to one another, while tendons affix muscle to bone. If a joint is overextended or twisted aggressively, it is possible that a muscle or tendon surrounding that joint will tear. This type of injury is a strain. A tear in a ligament is referred to as a sprain. Strains and sprains each can vary a great deal in terms of severity. In addition to the extremities, the spine may also develop a strain or sprain. In this instance, the injury may lead to temporary pain or to chronic pain. Spinal injury may also result in a bulging or herniated disc.

A sports injury does not necessarily have to involve a direct, traumatic injury such as a collision with another player. Often, we see sports injuries from overuse of a joint, such as the elbow or the shoulder. Inflammation in the tendon around an overused joint can lead to pain.

We treat sports injuries gently and safely

Patients of Dr. Tyler Emmert at Foundation Chiropractic Clinic can benefit from our use of various therapeutic modalities in the treatment of sports injuries. In addition to gentle chiropractic care, we may recommend massage therapy, corrective exercise, soft tissue mobilization, or other therapies that promote healing. As inflammation is relieved from damaged tissues, we can see a marked improvement in mobility and comfort.

Our focus in treating sports injuries is pain relief and more. By addressing underlying issues, there is the potential to minimize the risk of further injuries. Don't let a sports injury keep on you on the sidelines.

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