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Spinal Adjustments

Spinal Adjustments West Linn - Prone Thoracic Spinal adjustment is the cornerstone of chiropractic natural health care. The purpose of spinal adjustments is to create proper motion in the spine and restore optimal joint and nervous system function. When the nervous system is operating at maximum efficiency, without interference, the body can heal from discomfort and limited mobility.

Dr. Emmert provides care that does not involve therapeutic drugs or surgery. Spinal adjustments utilize precise, gentle force on a particular area of the spine to relieve pressure and support normal nerve transmission from brain to body. Whether you want to heal from an auto or work injury, or you want to improve your general health and wellness, chiropractic care can be a beneficial part of your health care plan.

What is spinal adjustment?

The manipulation is a controlled force on one or more joints. Creating proper movement of the joints will create normal range of motion and decrease pain and inflammation. The individual bones that make up the spinal column can gradually or suddenly in the case of a traumatic injury, become restricted or limited. In most cases, spinal adjustments address joint restriction using a hands-on method. In some cases, however, patients respond best to the use of soft force using a specific mechanical instrument. In addition to adjustments of the spine, Dr. Emmert has extensive skills in the treatment of various joints in the body.

Gentle adjustments are extremely beneficial for the reduction of pain and inflammation that causes muscle spasms or chronic tension. When each individual vertebra is well positioned through precise manipulation, spinal biomechanics are normalized. As a result, many people experience improved neuromuscular function, a boost of natural energy, and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Causes of joint restriction

Joint restriction is the decrease in joint movement that diminishes joint or spinal mobility. The joints of the spine may become restricted for a number of reasons. When this occurs, affected nerves may create weakness, tingling, numbness, and pain. The common idea is that restriction is the result of some type of direct injury. While an auto accident or sports injury can certainly affect spinal alignment, there are many people for whom treatment addresses everyday stressors or work injuries stemming from repetitive movements.

During the consultation with patients, Dr. Emmert performs a thorough assessment of joint mobility in addition to conducting an in-depth review of medical history. Through these steps, he determines the area of concern and the possible cause of joint restriction. The care taken in discovering the underlying cause of discomfort leads to the most suitable therapeutic treatment and optimal healing. When joint mobility is improved, muscles can relax, inflammation is reduced, and the body can heal.

Our friendly staff is committed to the utmost in patient care. We realize the importance of resolving your pain and we work with that as our primary focus.
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