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Neck Injuries

Pain or stiffness in the neck may be a nuisance that most people feel from time to time. This may occur because of a bad night's sleep or sitting in an awkward position for an extended period. The neck is important to spinal and physical function. This area, referred to as the cervical spine, not only supports the head but facilitates numerous movements as well. In this part of the spine are seven vertebrae, each of which works with the others to achieve flexibility and stability for the head.

One of the functions of the neck is to act as a shock absorber. Due to the biomechanics of the head and neck, injury is possible. A small bump, trip, or fall may lead to soreness. Repetitive movements or extended sitting can be underlying issues related to neck pain.

Direct injuries

One of the most commonly recognized direct injuries to the neck is whiplash. In most cases, this type of neck injury occurs in an automobile accident, which forces the head in one direction before it "rebounds". The force creates a "whipping" motion that damages the soft tissues around the cervical spine and head. The intensity of muscle tightening during the injury can cause limited range of motion, stiffness, and varying degrees of pain. Severe whiplash may lead to injury of the intervertebral joints, discs, and to nerve roots.

Indirect injuries

In many cases, an injury may not be identified as the root cause of neck pain. Excessive stress alone is enough to cause chronic pain. Factors that may place the cervical spine under extreme stress include poor posture, emotional stress, obesity, and even poor core muscle strength. The connection between abdominal muscles and the neck may seem far-fetched, but we know from research that individuals whose muscle tone is poor tend to bend forward slightly, disrupting the spinal balance needed for optimal function and comfort.

Treating neck injuries with chiropractic care

Chiropractic medicine focuses on non-surgical, drug-free care designed to relieve inflammation and tension. At Foundation Chiropractic Clinic, patients from West Linn and surrounding areas can learn about the potential causes of neck pain as well as recommended therapies to improve their quality of life. Dr. Emmert first consults with and examines patients to determine the extent of injury. He then discusses the nature of chiropractic adjustments and their power to reduce the effect of injuries. In addition to spinal adjustment, patients may expedite the healing process with massage therapy, corrective exercises, or other modalities suitable to their condition.

Chiropractic care is well suited for the treatment of neck injuries, relieving the tension that causes pain and limited mobility. To find solutions for neck pain, call (503) 557-1122. 

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