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Automobile Injuries

Automobile Injury West Linn - Image Automobile accidents are extremely stressful. Amidst the numerous details demanding your attention, there is the issue of your own possible injury to consider. Dr. Tyler Emmert of Foundation Chiropractic Clinic offers patients a level of personal attention that seeks to reduce the stress and fatigue that result from even minor spinal injuries. With prompt chiropractic care, it is possible to expedite healing after an automobile injury.

At Foundation Chiropractic Clinic, a premier practice serving the areas of West Linn, Oregon City, Tualatin, Lake Oswego, and Wilsonville, we use safe, gentle, effective techniques to treat symptoms of whiplash and other auto injuries. Working together, we help our patients find relief from neck and back pain, headaches, limited mobility, muscle fatigue, and more.

Vigilance about your own wellbeing is essential after an auto accident, no matter how minor it may seem. It is common to experience aches and pains after any type of fender bender. Due to this expectation, the primary focus may be on relieving tension and discomfort rather than on addressing the underlying cause of joint mobility and soft tissue damage. When pain relief is sought with medication and short term "fixes", it is possible that the true extent of injury may not fully present itself until months or years after the initial accident.

By recognizing the potential for long-term effects from an auto accident, you have an increased ability to assist your own recovery. A chiropractic examination should be arranged within days of an auto accident, during the time in which insurance claims are open. In seeking immediate care, patients may find that they can receive solutions for improved comfort without an unnecessary financial burden.

Why see a chiropractor after your auto accident

The focus of chiropractic medicine is to help the body heal itself from varying degrees of injury. Care arranged by your experienced chiropractor encourages the release of tightened, irritated muscles, tendons, and nerves, all of which may sustain excessive stress during a collision. By relieving this stress, chiropractic care facilitates a return to comfort and mobility.
During your visit to Foundation Chiropractic Clinic in West Linn, we can determine:

  • The severity of injuries
  • The location of injuries
  • How many visits and what therapeutic modalities may best treat injuries
  • Whether time off from work is needed
  • Whether a referral for diagnostics such as MRI or CT scan is necessary
  • Whether another health care provider should become involved in the care plan

Although it is ideal to address auto injuries soon after an accident, there is a benefit to effective chiropractic care even years later. The team at Foundation Chiropractic Clinic can help reduce chronic inflammation and thus minimize pain. Because of improved comfort, our patients regain a higher quality of life.

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